Loading/Shooting Tools


Traditions® provides you with any loading and shooting tool you may need as well as replacement items like breech plugs.

Adjustable Powder Measure A1204
SKU: A1204
Price: $12.95
Deluxe Nipple Wrench A1211
SKU: A1211
Price: $8.95
.50 cal Rotating Jag A1213
SKU: A1213
Price: $4.00
Wonderlube 1000 Plus Shooting Patches .50-.54 cal A1240
SKU: A1240
Price: $9.95
Stainless Steel Nipples A1250
SKU: A1250
Price: $8.95
Barrel Wedge A1253
SKU: A1253
Price: $9.95
Patch Puller Worm .45-.50 cal A1256
SKU: A1256
Price: $5.95
Field Powder Measure A1269
SKU: A1269
Price: $9.95
Ball/Bullet Puller .45-.50 cal A1280
SKU: A1280
Price: $3.95
Extended Brass Cleaning & Loading Jag .50 cal A1282
SKU: A1282
Price: $5.95
Cleaning/Loading Jag .50 cal A1284
SKU: A1284
Price: $3.95
Cleaning/Loading Jag .54 cal A1285
SKU: A1285
Price: $3.95
Cotton Shooting Patches .45-.54 cal A1288
SKU: A1288
Price: $4.00
Hunter Powder Measure A1293
SKU: A1293
Price: $12.95
Palm Saver A1296
SKU: A1296
Price: $8.95
Flask Funnel A1298
SKU: A1298
Price: $12.95
Ammo Tubes A1304
SKU: A1304
Price: $9.95
Super Magnum Pellet Quick Loader A1315
SKU: A1315
Price: $8.95
5-in-1 Loader A1316
SKU: A1316
Price: $9.95
Universal Magnum Fast Loader A1317
SKU: A1317
Price: $9.95
Muzzleloading Rain Gear A1330
SKU: A1330
Price: $5.95
Hunter Flask & Powder Measure A1334
SKU: A1334
Price: $33.95
Hunter Bullet Starter and Ramrod Extension A1335
SKU: A1335
Price: $18.95
Sabot Loading Tool .50 cal A1345
SKU: A1345
Price: $8.95
Composite Powder Measure A1381
SKU: A1381
Price: $3.95
Lighting Fire System (LFS) Musket Nipples for Traditions In-line Muzzleloaders A1400
SKU: A1400
Price: $14.95
Lightning Fire System (LFS) Musket Nipples for U.S.A. Made Muzzleloaders A1402
SKU: A1402
Price: $18.95
Thunder Dome™ Breech Plug A1403
SKU: A1403
Price: $18.95
209 Depriming Tool A1404
SKU: A1404
Price: $9.95
Thunder Nipples - For Use With #11 Percussion Caps A1407
SKU: A1407
Price: $5.00
Thunder Nipples - For Use With 209 Shotgun Primers A1409
SKU: A1409
Price: $9.95
Retractable Nipple Pick for In-Line Muzzleloaders A1420
SKU: A1420
Price: $8.95
Universal In-Line Nipple Wrench A1421
SKU: A1421
Price: $9.95
Replacement O Rings for Accelerator Breech Plug A1442
SKU: A1442
Price: $8.95
Accelerator Breech Plug™ A1443
SKU: A1443
Price: $39.95
Accelerator Breech Plug™ Wrench A1444
SKU: A1444
Price: $11.95
209 Hex-Head Style Breech Plug A1446
SKU: A1446
Price: $17.99
Universal In-Line Nipple Wrench Fits #11 & 209 Nipples A1517
SKU: A1517
Price: $4.00
Universal Breech Plug & Nipple Wrench A1519
SKU: A1519
Price: $21.49
Cleaning/Loading Jag .45 cal A1520
SKU: A1520
Price: $3.95
Cleaning/Loading Jag .36 cal A1562
SKU: A1562
Price: $3.49$1.99
209 Quick Loaders A1726
SKU: A1726
Price: $12.49
Traditions® Supreme Loading Jag .50/.54 cal A1770
SKU: A1770
Price: $9.95
Vortek™, Pursuit™, Buckstalker, Yukon™ Replacement Hammer Extension A1795
SKU: A1795
Price: $5.95
Charge N' Load A1840
SKU: A1840
Price: $11.95
Soft Touch Quick Loaders A1862
SKU: A1862
Price: $9.95
Double Sided Universal Wrench A1864
SKU: A1864
Price: $17.95
Traditions™ Neoprene Sling with Holders A1870
SKU: A1870
Price: $28.95
Nipple Retension Springs A1904
SKU: A1904
Price: $5.70
EZ Clean 2 Pillow Ticking Patches
SKU: A1286
Price: $9.95
Quick-T Ramrod Handle
SKU: A1595
Price: $19.95
Northwest Magnum Accelerator Breech Plug
SKU: A1448
Price: $49.95
Traditions Rifle Stock Pack
SKU: A1878
Price: $29.95
Multi-Purpose Bore Light - For Rifles and Pistols
SKU: A1886
Price: $14.95
Muzzleloader Bore Light - for .50 caliber
SKU: A1885
Price: $14.95
209 / Percussion Tool Kit A3858
SKU: A3858
Price: $16.95
NitroFire® Bullet Unloading Jag
SKU: A1951
Price: $9.95
EZ Loader Speed Loader A1314
SKU: A1314
Price: $5.95
Loose Powder Fast Loader 6 Per Package A1944
SKU: A1944
Price: $11.95
Traditions NitroFire Sling with Hook & Loop Pouch to Hold Firesticks
SKU: A1871S
Price: $29.95
Traditions® Supreme Loading Jag .45 cal A1771
SKU: A1771
Price: $9.95
Deluxe Hammer Extension
SKU: A1800
Price: $15.95