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RAM-T™ ROD - Fits NitroFire® and Pursuit™ XT Models

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Traditions® RAM-T™ Rod elevates your muzzleloader!


The RAM-T™ Rod is telescopic and provides an additional 3.5” of length for loading or cleaning. Simply unlock with a quarter turn, extend, and then lock into place. A t-handle conveniently flips out for a more comfortable experience. When you are ready to put the rod back into the storage position, it easily retracts back into it’s body and stores in the thimbles. This improved design allows for a lighter rod and ability for a quicker follow up shot in the field. The RAM-T™ Rod is patent-pending and made of anodized aluminum, keeping the rod lightweight. It comes with a 10/32 brass loading tip and can be used for 45 or 50 caliber muzzleloaders. 


This RAM-T™ Rod has a length of 22.5" when closed and 26" when fully extended. Fits NitroFire® & Pursuit™ Models. Always be sure to measure your current ramrod or check to make sure this ramrod will fit your firearm.


Item # A1604

Traditions® RAM-T™ Rod Features:

  • 22.5" length when closed
  • 26" length when fully extended
  • Provides an additional 3.5" of length for loading/cleaning
  • T-Handle flips out for easy loading
  • Brass Loading Tip is threaded 10/32
  • Anodized aluminum
  • Lightweight
  • All-in-one rod - No Jag to flip around

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