Traditions® Firearms has the most extensive line of muzzleloaders in the industry. From break-action to sidelocks to the revolutionary NitroFire®, there is truly something for everyone! Additionally, our rifles are available at all different price ranges so there is a gun for every budget!   Not sure what gun is best for you? Our customer service team is always able to help! Head on over to the contact us section for our phone number and email addresses!

Cartridge Rifles

Traditions™ line of cartridge rifles currently includes the Crackshot model and the Outfitter G2. These guns are not able to be purchased on our website. These guns can be purchased at a dealer near you. Please contact your local dealer for purchasing information or Traditions™ Customer Service Department.


Traditions™ offers a wide variety of Black Powder Revolvers and Single Action Revolvers in different calibers, barrel length, grip choices, and finishes!   Our Black Powder Revolvers are great to take to the range, use at re-enactments, or just for display. From the 1851 Navy to our series of Rebel Revolvers which includes a Josey Wales edition, there is sure to be something for everyone.   Our Single Action Revolvers come in two series - the Frontier Series and the Rawhide series. Both serie ...


Traditions™ Cannons are fully operational and accurate in scale and detail. These are perfect for shooting round balls out of - especially around Memorial Day and the 4th of July! Available in a variety of types and plating, these cannons are sure to be a fun tradition for you each year!

Build it Yourself Kits

Traditions™ Build-It-Yourself Kits are not only a great project for families, clubs, or groups but a great way to build your own firearm, get to know the internal workings, and have the statisfaction of knowing you built the gun you enjoy shooting or hunting with!   You can build your own cannon, rifle, or pistol and various models are available in each category.


  Traditions™ carries its' own line of optics and optics accessories that are perfect for your firearms including scopes, scope rings, bases, sights, and more!   Warning: Scopes cannot be shipped to Canada.

Traditions Tactical

    Traditions™ Tactical offers high quality scopes and rings at an affordable price! These scopes and rings look great on your long-range AR or bolt-action rifles!


  Traditions Firearms is the only muzzleloader company that carries a full line of accessories including loading and shooting tools, cleaning accessories, snap caps, training cartridges, projectiles, and much more!

Special Offers

Are you looking for a great deal on the top muzzleloaders in the industry? Our specials offers pages are sure to have something for you! From discontinued items to factory seconds, we offer a wide variety of specials that change weekly. Our discontinued items may include past rifles, revolvers, optics, and accessories that we no longer carry. These are a great way to get a great deal on a Traditions™ product!    Our Factory Seconds are the same great quality you can count on with a brand new Tradit ...