Ball Starters, Cappers, and Flasks

Cappers, and Flasks


Traditions™ has made sure to carry a full line of accessories for our customers including a variety of ball starters, cappers, and flasks.

Quick-T Ramrod Handle


Traditions Quick-T™ Ramrod Handle makes loading and reloading your rifle faster and easier! This accessory sits on your ramrod when it is in the storage position so you can take it with you when you head to the range or out in the field. It sta ...

209 Capper - Brass A1418



Designed to hold twelve 209 primers. Easy to use, just squeeze lanyard loop to remove from body, load primers, and replace lanyard loop. Can be used on most in-line muzzleloaders.   Item #: A1418

209 Capper - Synthetic A1417



This lightweight, synthetic 209 capper holds a primer on each end and three in the middle for reserves. One end is straight for break-opens and non-scoped models while the angled end is perfect for scoped guns. Includes a lanyard loop.   I ...

Musket Capper - Brass A1415



Designed to hold 15 musket caps, with or without flanges. Essential tool for scoped rifles and helpful with gloved hands. Made of solid brass and equipped with a handy lanyard loop.   Item #A1415

Composite Flask with Valve A1380



Rugged tubular-style flask that makes sense for the serious muzzleloading hunter. Body unscrews from dispenser case for filling. Valve dispenser with spout for black powder or Pyrodex®.   Item #: A1380

Deluxe Ball Starter A1336



Comfortable round-handle with aluminum short and long starter rods. Conveniently screws onto your ramrod to serve as an extension/palm saver. Fits .32 to .58 caliber. 10/32 threads on both ends.   Item #: A1336

Hunter Bullet Starter and Ramrod Extension A1335



A versatile screw-on ramrod extension and bullet starter with a palm-saver handle. Brass tip unscrews to expose 10/32 threads that attach to a ramrod for use at the shooting bench. For use with .45 caliber and up.   Item #: A1335

Hunter Flask & Powder Measure A1334



Valve-type flask for black powder or Pyrodex®. Adjustable measure slips into spout for 5-120 grain charges. Brass.   Item #: A1334

Field Flask A1292



Compact, easy-to-carry flask designed especially for hunters. Solid brass. Precise valve dispenser with 30-grain spout for accurate powder handling. Holds approximately 2.5 ox. of black powder or black powder substitutes.   Item #: A1292

Field Capper A1291



Compact solid brass. Holds ten #11 caps.   Item #: A1291

Authentic Powder Horn A1252



Classic powder carrier, no two the same, with leather sling and wooden cap/stopper.   Item #: A1252

Spout Set A1237


Fits all our metal flasks and many others. 75 and 100 grain spouts are sized for the most commonly recommended loads so your loading sequence can be quicker and easier.   Item #: A1237

Round Handle Ball Starter - Black Composite A1210



Lightweight, non-glare starter is a favorite with hunters looking to minimize weight without sacrificing strength and performance.   Item #: A1210  

Round Handle Ball Starter A1207



Round handle ball starter with sturdy brass long and short starter. Solid hardwood constructed ball. Concave tip for easy loading all types of projectiles.   Item #: A1207

T-Handle Ball Starter A1206



Traditional design in solid hardwood and brass, with a sure grip to start most balls or bullets.   Item #: A1206

Straight Line Capper A1203



Solid brass body carries fifteen #11 caps ready for precise dispensing.   Item #: A1203

Deluxe Flask A1201



Popular tubular-style flask, tastefully adorned with the Traditions™ name. Solid brass, heavy-walled, seamless cylinder with threaded cap for easy filling. Holds 2 ounces of black powder or Pyrodex®. Valve-type dispenser with 30 grain spout ...