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Vortek StrikerFire™ Northwest Magnum .50 cal Black/CeraKote R561120WM

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The Vortek StrikerFire® comes with the StrikerFire System . To cock the gun, simply slide the striker button forward until it locks and the rifle is cocked. The recessed de-cocking buttons allows for quick and quiet de-cocking of the firearm and the gun is also equipped with an automatic de-cocking mechanism - when the gun is opened, it is automatically de-cocked. By eliminating the external hammer, this allows for faster locktime, the ability to mount your scope closer to the bore and allows the gun to operate with less weight.


This rifle comes equipped with the TAC2™ Trigger System - a two stage competition-style trigger. This trigger is an upgrade from triggers on other muzzleloaders currently on the market.  The StrikerFire also has some of the same features you have come to depend on like the 1-piece Accelerator Breech Plug™, Dual Safety System, Stow-N-Go Removable Butt Pad, and Speed Load System. With features meant to get you out to 200+ yards, you'll never worry about accuracy with this rifle!


Weighing in at only 6.25 pounds (non-scoped), the Vortek StrikerFire® is lighter than some 26" guns currently on the market! 


This model is designed for hunters in Idaho and Oregon to meet state-specific regulations including open breech, open sights, and a musket ignition.


This model comes with William™ Fiber Optic Metal sights mounted.


Item #: R561120WM


WARNING: Black powder firearms cannot be shipped to New Jersey, New York, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, or Canada. For all other states, please review your state and local laws before ordering.

Vortek StrikerFire™ Northwest Magnum Features:


  • StrikerFire™ System - no external hammer!
  • StrikerFire™ Button - simply slide button forward until it locks to cock the gun
  • Recessed De-Cocking Button
  • TAC2™ Trigger System - a 2 stage competition-style trigger
  • Magnum Musket Ignition for legal use in Idaho and Oregon
  • 28" Ultralight Chromoly Tapered, Fluted Barrel with Premium CeraKote Finish
  • LT-1 Alloy Frame with Premium CeraKote Finish
  • Hogue™ Comfort-Grip Overmolding
  • Speed Load System - easy loading and more consistent groups
  • Dual Safety System
  • Stow-N-Go Removable Butt Pad
  • Williams™ fiber optic metal sights
  • 1:28" twist rifling
  • Drilled and tapped for a scope
  • Sling swivel studs
  • Solid aluminum ramrod

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