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Are you looking for a great deal on the top muzzleloaders in the industry? Our specials offer page is sure to have something for you! From discontinued items to factory seconds, we offer a wide variety of specials that change weekly. Our discontinued items may include past rifles that we no longer carry. These are a great way to get a great deal on a Traditions™ product!


Our Factory Seconds are the same great quality you can count on with a brand new Traditions™ firearm, but they may have a small blemish in the finish, a scratch or dent, or may have been one of our test fire guns that we used at the range. All of these guns are in perfect working condition and carry the limited lifetime warranty that Traditions™ offers with its brand new firearms. Supplies are limited to what we have on hand and all of these firearms have been inspected and tested by our factory trained gunsmiths. What a great way to own the best and pay a lot less!

Traditions is not responsilbe for any typographical errors regarding description or price. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

1842 Springfield Musket - .69 Cal Smoothbore R184200-02


$1,169.00 $793.99

Only 1 in stock! Save $375!   Used during the 19th century, the 1842 was the last US smoothbore rifle. It was the first US musket to be produced with a percussion lock and was superior to the flintlock since it was more reliable and resist ...

1863 Zouave Musket Rifle .58 Cal Rifled R186306-02


$1,230.00 $836.99

Only 1 available! Save $393 with this special!   The 1863 Zouave rifle was originally produced by Remington Arms under a contract with the US Government. Very few models actually saw action during the Civil War and none were distribut ...

Vortek StrikerFire with Nitride Coating .50 cal Realtree Xtra Camo


$583.00 $395.99

Limited quantity available! Save $187 with this special!   Traditions has upped the ante by coating this Vortek StrikerFire® with a finish designed to protect your rifle both inside and out. Nitride Coating, a well-recognized fini ...

Vortek StrikerFire Backcountry .50 Caliber Realtree Xtra/Nitride


$566.00 $452.99

Special Price! Save $113 with this offer!     The Vortek StrikerFire® Backcountry has all of the outstanding features of the Vortek StrikerFire® except it features a 26" barrel. This makes the rifle easy to carry, ...