Smackdown Bullets

Deadly & Accurate

Traditions™ Smackdown® Bullet series delivers you the deadliest bullets on the market! This series has something for all types of game and helps provide you with what you need whether you are shooting at closer range in a wooded area or going long distance. 

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Smackdown® Bullets

Traditions™ Smackdown® bullets are an excellent all-around muzzleloading bullet which is a deadly combination when used with a Traditions™ muzzleloader. With a polymer tip, tapered copper jacket with lead core, and the EZ-Load 3 petal sabot you can trust your bullet to be dead-on accurate. 

Smackdown® Bleed™ Bullets

With absolutely devasting impact, the Smackdown® Bleed™ bullet hits an animal hard and delivers traumatic force. The Smackdown® Bleed™ Bullets provide less recoil, faster velocities, and 200+ yard accuracy. This bullet is performance-proven by Mark and Terry Drury along with the Drury Outdoors Team. The entry wound the bullet creates is massive and the blood trail is incredible. It is also lead free. The Bleed™ Bullets come with the new and improved Ridgeback™ Sab ...

Smackdown® Carnivore™ Bullets

Traditions™ Smackdown® Carnivore™ Bullets are the best, all-around muzzleloading bullet on the market. With 200+ yard muzzleloader accuracy and available in a variety of weights, this bullet is reliable and can be used in any kind of hunting environment. The polycarbonate tip ensures devasting performance and provides bullet stability. The Carnivore™ bullet is flatter shooting with precision accuracy. This bullet comes with the new and improved Ridgeback™ Sabot that has horizontal ribbin ...

Smackdown® XR™ Bullets

The Smackdown® XR™ bullets are exactly what you need when distance counts. This superior, long-range muzzleloader bullet is built to be deadly accurate at long ranges. The polycarbonate tip provides added bullet stability and maximizes expansion. You can extend your muzzleloader's reach with these flat shooting, extremely accurate projectiles. The XR™ bullets come with the with the new and improved Ridgeback™ Sabot that has horizontal ribbing and a deeper cut to give you a better ...