Additional Optic Accessories


Traditions provides you with even more optics accessory offerings for your rifle! Here you will find sights, sight plug screws, and other miscellaneous optics accessories!

Scope Protector


$5.95 $2.49

Designed to keep residue off most scopes. Fits over the main tube of the scope to protect turrets and body.   Item #: A1439

Replacement Sight Plug Screws for Vortek™ Ultralight & Pursuit™ Ultralight A1799



Replacement sight plug screws for Traditions™ Vortek™ Ultralight and Pursuit™ Ultralight series.   Item #A1796

Williams™ Aluminum Fiber Optic Sight Set for Tapered Barrels A1573



Williams™ aluminum fiber optic sight set for tapered barrels. Fits Vortek™, Pursuit™, and Evolution™ series rifles.   Item #: A1573

Lite Optic™ Sight System for Sidelock 15/16" Octagonal Barrels A1571



Light Optic™ Sight System for sidelock 15/16" octagonal barrels.   Photo for illustration purposes only.   Item #A1571

Light Optic™ Sight System - In-Line Round Barrels A1570



Light Optic™ Sight System for in-line round barrels.     Item #A1570

Fiber Optic Sights - For In-Line, Round Barrels A1410



Fits in-line round barrels.   Item #A1410