Accessories for the flintlock muzzleloader enthusiast! Anything you may need to accompany your flintlock!

Supreme Agate Flints


Traditions Surpreme Agate Flints are the finest striking stone available. Doubled edge with cut edges, 5/8". More consistent with longer sparks. 2 per package.   Item # A1209

Flintlock Tool Kit A3857


Traditions™ Flintlock Tool Kit is perfect for all flintlock users both in the field and at the range. The carabiner attaches easily and securely to a belt loop, backpack, or range bag and comes with 6 essential items flintlock shooters require. ...

Flintlock Pan Brush



No flintlock shooter should be without this tool! The Flintlock Pan Brush is essential for helping to clear powder from the pan and the lanyard loop makes it easier to carry or attach to a tool ring.   Item #: A1214

Flintlock Accessory Kit



Traditions™ Flintlock Accessory Kit has the essential items you need for your flintlock rifle!   The Flintlock Accessory Kit includes:   Universal Fast Loaders - QTY 2 - Each tube can hold up to 150 grains of loose or p ...

Replacement Touch Hole Liners for Traditions™ PA Pellet™ A1738


Replaces the touch hole liners on various flintlock muzzleloaders. This model for Traditions™ PA Pellet™.   Item #: A1738

Replacement Touch Hole Liners 1/4 x 28 for T/C Flintlocks A1736



Replaces the touch hole liners on various flintlock muzzleloaders. This model for 1/4 x 28 for T/C flintlocks.   Item #: A1736

Replacement Touch Hole Liners 5mm A1735



Replaces the touch hole liners on various flintlock muzzleloaders. 5mm for Traditions™ and CVA flintlock muzzleloaders.   Item #: A1735

Deluxe Flintlock Frizzen A1722


Replaces the frizzen of the deluxe lock used in the PA Pellet™ and most other Traditions™ flintlock models. This frizzen has a larger, hardened face to produce a better, more consistent spark.   Item #: A1722

Replacement Frizzen for Flintlock Muzzleloaders A1721


Replaces the frizzen in Traditions™ older production of flintlock muzzleloaders.   Item #A1721

Replacement Mainspring for Flintlock and Sidelocks A1720



Replaces the mainspring in Traditions™ current production models of sidelock and flintlock muzzleloaders except the Crockett.   Item #: A1720

Flintlock Pan Primer A1257



Compact flask dispenses 3 grains of 4F priming powder from spring-activated spout. Lanyard hole for easy carrying.   Item #: A1257

Hand-Knapped English Flints A1208



5/8” English flints, the best sparking stone available, hand knapped for a dependable shower of sparks.   Item #: A1208