Traditions Technology

At Traditions™ innovation means more than just building quality guns with the latest features. It means solving problems that real hunters face each day in the field. Like you, we are hunters and shooters and our engineers take a "whole gun" approach to the design table, making sure each model is equipped with just the right mix of practical feature that work together to improve your overall hunting and shooting experience.

StrikerFire System

No more external hammer! Simply slide the striker button forward until it locks and the rifle is cocked. This system allows for faster locktime, an improved trigger, the ability to mount your scope closer to the bore, and also to operate with less weight.


The StrikerFire system is available on only the Vortek StrikerFire™ models.

TAC2™ Trigger System

The TAC2™ Trigger is the best trigger on any muzzleloader. This trigger is a two-stage, competiton-style trigger set at 2 pounds. It is clean breaking and creep free. The TAC2™ trigger system is available only on the Vortek StrikerFire™ series.

Accelerator Breech Plug™

The Accelerator Breech Plug™ removes easily by hand in just 3 full turns. To clean your muzzleloader or remove a load from the barrel, simply twist the breech plug 3 full rotations, and it’s out! The Accelerator Breech Plug™ makes use of a new flat face for even more consistent ignition, and a heavy-duty O-ring that eliminates blow back.

Premium CeraKote Finish

Premium CeraKote Finish is 50 times more corrosion resistant than stainless steel barrels. The Premium CeraKote Finish on both the barrel and frame was designed to provide a high quality, long lasting finish, with high corrosion protection and durability. Premium CeraKote Finish is by far the best coating on the market for resistance to highly corrosive black powder, cleaning chemicals, and any weather Mother Nature can throw at it, including salt spray.

Dual Safety System

Traditions™ Dual Safety System incorporates 2 safeties, making equipped guns some of the safest muzzleloaders available. The trigger block safety is the most apparent as it is positioned on the trigger guard, like many centerfire rifles. The second safety is an internal hammer block safety that prevents the hammer from engaging the firing pin unless it has been manually cocked. The Vortek™ series rifles have an rebounding hammer safety. The combination of these safety systems allow you to break open the rifle and remove your live primer without having to depress your hammer. This enables you the safest depriming of a fully loaded muzzleloader.

LT-1 Alloy Frame

Traditions™ LT-1 Alloy Frame reduces the weight of the firearm while maintaining strength and structural integrity. Great for reducing arm fatigue on long hunts, where mobility is crucial.

Comfort-Grip Overmolding

Anywhere else you might pay double for the cushioned, sure-grip of over molded stocks and forends. Traditions™ just made it standard.

Speed Load System

Traditions™ Speed Load System allows for a bulle that is perfectly centered with the barrel rifling which allows you easier bullet starting and more consistent groups.

Drop Out Trigger

Now available on the Vortek™ series muzzleloaders (with the exception of the Vortek StrikerFire™) the Traditions™ Drop Out Trigger is a one-piece removable trigger group. Simply remove the one trigger group screw and the whole assembly comes out for easy cleaning and access to the frame.

Soft-Touch Stock

Traditions™ Soft-Touch Rubberized Stocks and Forends provide a comfortable feeling in your hands and an ultra sure grip, with or without gloves.