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Thank you for visiting our website and shopping with us. We appreciate your business. If you visit or shop on our website, you accept the following terms and conditions. Please be sure to read them carefully.

Placing an Order on Our Website

It is your responsibility to know the legality of any items you are ordering within your state of residence. Some items in this online store may be restricted to adults only, or may be restricted in the area where you live. These items include guns and cannons. You can only place an order if you agree to and accept the following:

  1. I understand it is my full responsibility to make sure the gun, ammunition, or related accessories I am purchasing is legal for me to own and possess in my state, county, city, municipality, or other governmental jurisdiction. By checking the Terms & Conditions box, I agree that I am legally allowed to own the items in my shopping cart as detailed above.
  2. I hereby certify that I am 18 or older if I am purchasing any rifle, rifle kit, blank gun, or cannon or that I am 21 or older if I am purchasing a revolver, pistol, or pistol kit and I agree that I am not prohibited from purchasing or owning these products by any local, state, or federal laws, whether due to my criminal background, drug use, domestic violence protective orders, mental health, or other legal prohibitions.
  3. I understand some of the items offered for sale on the website can be dangerous when used improperly or when instructions and warnings are not followed, and I accept full responsibility and liability for the safe use and safe storage of these items. I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless Traditions® Performance Firearms from any claim or lawsuit arising from the improper, illegal, or negligent use of such products.
  4. I further agree that any disputes regarding the sale or purchase of items on the website will be governed by the laws of the State of Connecticut and any claims or lawsuits must be brought or filed in the appropriate court located in Middlesex County, Connecticut, USA.

Pictures on our website may not show the exact product you will receive. Pictures and images are meant to be representative only. There may be variations in the color, design, camo pattern, wood, etc. Accessories or additional items not directly mentioned in the guns description (even if pictured) are not guaranteed to be included with the gun. If you have questions about what is included with your order, please call our customer service department at (860) 388-4656 prior to placing your order. Orders placed by phone will not show on your website order history.

Shipping Information

We ship orders via a variety of carriers dependent upon the weight of items purchased and the state the order is shipping to. It is up to the person placing the order to pick the best shipping terms for their order. All shipping charges are applicable to the contiguous United States and additional charges will apply for Alaska and Hawaii. At this time, we are only shipping orders to customers in the USA. We cannot ship outside of the USA, including Canada.

There can be backorders or cancellations even if not mentioned. Often orders cannot be changed once placed, so be sure of your order before submitting! All orders are subject to cancellation before shipping, and are not considered complete without all necessary documentation. The guns and items on your order are NOT reserved or held for you and the items may sell out before your order is complete. You will be notified via email if we can no longer process your order, your order is cancelled, or if your order has gone into a backorder status. You will be offered the opportunity to cancel your order should your order be placed on backorder.

Orders placed on our website that include guns or cannons require an Adult Signature upon delivery. You will be charged $8.00 per order and additional charges may apply depending upon the number of items ordered requiring an adult signature.

The delivery address entered on your account and your order MUST match exactly your billing address for the credit card you are using. If it does not your order may be delayed or canceled. We reserve the right to require any order to ship to the confirmed billing address at our discretion.

Pricing and Payment

We accept Mastercard, Visa, or American Express. We reserve the right to cancel orders at any time due to inventory errors or pricing. All orders placed by residents in the State of Connecticut are subject to a 6.35% sales tax. Shipping charges are also taxable.

ALL PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. Please call to confirm current pricing and availability. We are not responsible for typographical errors or any digital issues that may occur. Not all items are as pictured. All prices subject to change for any reason at any time.

When your order is placed on our website, the credit card used will be charged with a pre-authorization to make sure the total amount of the order is available. However, your credit card will not receive the final charge until your order is shipped. If your order is backordered, you should see the pre-authorization amount drop off. The amount of time it takes for this to drop off is dependent upon your specific bank/credit card institution and you should check with them regarding any questions.



Returns Information

We accept unfired, unopened, unused items in the original packaging within 30 days of purchase. You must provide a copy of your receipt with the returned item(s). The cost of shipping to return the item(s) is the responsibility of the customer. For more on our return procedures please visit https://www.traditionsfirearms.com/contact-us or contact our customer service department at (860) 388-4656.

Privacy and Security

Traditions® Performance Firearms respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it. We therefore provide the following Privacy Statement to inform you of our Privacy Policy and how the information is used.

By placing an order on our website or signing up for our email list we will never sell, rent, lease, or misuse your information. Traditions® Performance Firearms will not share your personal information with third parties.

This Privacy Statement applies only to the Traditionsfirearms.com owned website and domain.

The Traditionsfirearms.com web site may occasionally provide links to third-party websites for your education or convenience. If you access those links, you will leave the Traditionsfirearms.com site and domain. Traditionsfirearms.com does not control those sites or their privacy practices, which may differ from Traditionsfirearms.com. We do not endorse or make any representations about third-party websites. The Traditionsfirearms.com Privacy Statement does not cover the personal data you choose to give to unrelated third party websites. We encourage you to review the privacy policy of any company before submitting your personal information on such sites.

If there are updates to the terms of the Traditionsfirearms.com Online Privacy Statement, we will post those changes and update the revision date in this document. This is done so you will always know what information we collect online, how we use it, and what choices you have.

We value your opinions and want to hear from you. If you have comments or questions about our privacy policy, please contact us at [email protected].


All content included on this site, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio clips, digital downloads, data compilations, videos, and software, is the property of Traditions® Performance Firearms or its content suppliers and protected by United States and international copyright laws.

Guns Safety

It is your responsibility to read and understand the owner’s manual prior to using any product you purchase from Traditionsfirearms.com. If your product does not come with an owner’s manual it is your sole responsibility to locate it on our website for download or to contact our customer service department at (860) 388-4656 for a free copy.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you are agreeing to the following:
I certify that I have read and agree to the following safety rules when handling a gun, ammunition or gun accessory: www.nrahq.org/education/guide.asp

  1. ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction. This is the primary rule of gun safety. A safe direction means that the gun is pointed so that even if it were to go off unexpectedly it would not cause any injury to a person and only minimal or no damage to property. The key to this rule is to control where the muzzle or front end of the barrel is pointed at all times. Common sense dictates the safest direction, and is dependent on different circumstances.
  2. ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot. When holding a gun, rest your finger in a safe location away from the trigger. Until you are actually ready to fire, do not touch the trigger.
  3. ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use. Whenever you pick up or handle a gun, immediately engage all available safety devices and confirm the gun is unloaded (chamber empty). If you do not know how to open the action or inspect the chamber(s), leave the gun alone and get help from someone who does.

    Also, when using or storing a gun, always follow these NRA safe handling rules:

    1. Know your target and what is beyond. Be absolutely sure you have identified your target beyond any doubt. Equally important, be aware of the area beyond your target. This means observing your prospective area of fire before you shoot. Never fire in a direction in which there are people or any other potential for mishap. Think first. Shoot second.
    2. Know how to use the gun safely. Before handling a gun, learn how it operates. Know its basic parts, how to safely open and close the action and remove any ammunition from the gun or magazine. Remember, a gun's mechanical safety device is never foolproof. Nothing can ever replace safe gun handling.
    3. Be sure the gun is safe to operate. Just like other tools, guns need regular maintenance to remain operable. Regular cleaning and proper storage are a part of the gun's general upkeep. If there is any question concerning a gun's ability to function properly, a knowledgeable gunsmith should look at it.
    4. Use only the correct ammunition for your gun. Only BBs, pellets, cartridges or shells designed for a particular gun can be fired safely in that gun. Most guns have the ammunition type stamped on the barrel. Ammunition can be identified by information printed on the box and sometimes stamped on the cartridge. Do not shoot the gun unless you know you have the proper ammunition.
    5. Wear eye and ear protection as appropriate. Guns are loud and the noise can cause hearing damage. They can also emit debris and hot gas that could cause eye injury. For these reasons, shooting glasses and hearing protectors should be worn by shooters and spectators.
    6. Never use alcohol or over-the-counter, prescription or other drugs that can affect your mental acuity, decision making, or concentration before or while shooting. Alcohol, as well as any other substance likely to impair normal mental or physical bodily functions, must not be used before or while handling or shooting guns.
    7. Store guns so they are not accessible to unauthorized persons. Access to guns by unauthorized users, such as minors or persons with mental health issues, can cause death or serious injury to the unauthorized user or other persons. Many factors must be considered when deciding where and how to store guns. A person's particular situation will be a major part of the consideration. Dozens of gun storage devices, as well as locking devices that attach directly to the gun, are available. However, mechanical locking devices, like the mechanical safeties built into guns, can fail and should not be used as a substitute for safe gun handling and the observance of all gun safety rules.
    8. Be aware that certain types of guns and many shooting activities require additional safety precautions beyond what is contained herein. Please consult your local gun shop, gun range, or NRA certified instructor for more information and education on safe shooting.
    9. Regular cleaning is important in order for your gun to operate correctly and safely. Taking proper care of it will also maintain its value and extend its life. Your gun should be cleaned every time that it is used. A gun brought out of prolonged storage should also be cleaned before shooting. Accumulated moisture and dirt, or solidified grease and oil, can prevent the gun from operating properly, and can result in an unsafe condition causing death or serious injury to the user or persons nearby. Before cleaning your gun, make absolutely sure that it is unloaded. The gun's action should be open during the cleaning process. Also, be sure that no ammunition is present in the cleaning area.
AKH 05/2018