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Traditions™ offers Sidelock rifles in a variety of models that fit all needs and budgets. From accurate reproductions to more modern sidelocks we offer a large selection of rifles in both percussion and flintlock.

PA Pellet™ Accelerator

The Traditions™ PA Pellet™ is not your typical flintlock. This updated version of our most popular hunting flintlock is loaded with features. It is the only flintlock muzzleloader able to fire both loose powder or easy to use pellets. This is due to the removable Accelerator Breech Plug™. This breech plug enables a more consistent ignition. Another addition to these flintlocks are metal fiber optic sights and soft touch to all of our camo stocks. The only thing primitive is the season! Tradition ...


  The Deerhunter™ muzzleloader is designed to be lightweight, easy to shoot, and incredibly accurate for a great price. With a 24" octagonal barrel and rugged synthetic wood stock this rifle is well balanced and has superb handling. The Deerhunter™ barrels are designed to shoot full bore bullets, saboted bullets, or patched round balls.   Available in a variety of finishes, ignition systems, and stock options there is plenty to choose from when select your next muzzleloader!

Classic Sidelocks

  Traditions™ classic sidelock muzzleloaders are accurate reproductions that are fully functional. These rifles are great to take to the range or hang on your wall for display. Available in a variety of models, calibers, ignition systems, and finishes, there is sure to be a rifle that fits what you are looking for!