Pursuit™ XT Pro Series

Traditions® Pro Series offers hunters and shooters all the bells and whistles they would be looking for in a firearm. This series provides the most full-featured options Traditions® has offered. The Pro Series is set apart by 3 distinct features. The adjustable length of pull provides spacers that can be added or removed and the adjustable cheekpiece can be lowered or raised by simply turning a screw in the side of the stock. With the adjustments able to be made, this allows for a more comfortable shooting experience. The threaded barrel allows for the option to add a muzzle brake and reduce recoil and for better control. The Pro Series has everything you could want in a firearm!


The Pursuit™ series has long been a fixture in Traditions® line and the next generation is here with the Pursuit™ XT. Now outfitted with the VAPR™ Twist barrel, it has a 1:24" twist. The faster twist will stabilize bullets, increase accuracy, and expand the range of bullet options that can be shot out of this muzzleloader. Additionally, the Pursuit™ XT has been upgraded to the Elite XT™ trigger system which has a precise and accurate trigger pull, rebounding hammer, and a manual cross block trigger safety. These upgrades along with standard features like a 26" Chromoly steel barrel, Dual Safety System, Accelerator Breech Plug™, Speed Load System, and more make the Pursuit™ XT the most feature-rich mid-level option on the market. With 200+ yard accuracy, the Pursuit™ XT is a perfect option for many hunters.