NitroFire® Pro Series

Traditions® Pro Series offers hunters and shooters all the bells and whistles they would be looking for in a firearm. This series provides the most full-featured options Traditions® has offered. The Pro Series is set apart by 3 distinct features. The adjustable length of pull provides spacers that can be added or removed and the adjustable cheekpiece can be lowered or raised by simply turning a screw in the side of the stock. With the adjustments able to be made, this allows for a more comfortable shooting experience. The threaded barrel allows for the option to add a muzzle brake and reduce recoil and for better control. The Pro Series has everything you could want in a firearm!


The NitroFire® is the first and best muzzleloader on the market that uses the Federal Premium® Firestick™. The NitroFire® muzzleloader is .50 caliber and has a 26” ultralight chromoly steel fluted and tapered barrel, 1:24” VAPR™ twist rifling, and much more. The NitroFire® is also equipped with Traditions® Elite XT™ trigger system. The Elite XT™ trigger system is designed with a rebounding hammer and a manual cross block trigger safety. The Elite XT™ trigger allows the action to be broken open with the cross bolt safety engaged which allows you to load or unload your muzzleloader and view the chamber.


The NitroFire® from Traditions® uses the Firestick™ system from Federal Premium™. The Firestick™ is an encapsulated powder charge, is impervious to moisture, and is factory-loaded with the same tight tolerances and quality controls as loaded ammunition. It is loaded with Hodgdon® Triple 8 powder which is a cleaner-burning powder. With no breech plug and cleaner-burning powder, this means less cleaning! An unused Firestick™ can be removed and stored. Traditions® collaborated with Federal Premium® and Hodgdon® to make muzzleloading safer, easier, and more reliable.