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Cannons & Build It Yourself Kit Specials

Save big on these finished cannons! They are fully functional and accurate reproductions.


Do you want to build something yourself? Our Build-It-Yourself kits are the perfect activity for families, groups or clubs to do together. You'll save on the kits listed in this second. Whether you want to build a rifle, pistol, or cannon there is something for everyone!

Mountain Howitzer Cannon .50 cal CN8061-02


$291.00 $198.99

Only 3 in stock! Save $92 with this special!   The Mountain Howitzer Cannon will be a great addition to any Civil War enthusiast's collection. This mini cannon is reminiscent of of the larger version used during various wars but n ...

Trapper Pistol Kit .50 cal Percussion KPC51002-02 Factory Second


$299.00 $203.99

Save $95 with this special! Only 1 available!   One of the best ways possible to get a real hands-on muzzleloading experience is to build it yourself! Traditions™ offers a complete line of muzzleloader rifle and pistol kits that ...

Mini Old Ironsides Kit .50 cal KCN-8041-02 Factory Second


$219.00 $149.99

3 in stock! Save $69 with this special!   Working artillery, in miniature fully operational cannons. All are accurate in scale and detail. Own and build your own piece of history. The Old Ironsides is a replica of those that once sat ...

Mini Napoleon III Build It Yourself Cannon Kit .50 cal KCN-8021-02 Factory Second


$264.00 $179.99

Limited quantity available! Save $84 with this special offer!   Working artillery in miniature, fully operational cannons. All are accurate in scale and detail.   History Buffs will love the Mini Napoleon Cannon Kit, it is rem ...