Traditions™ Performance Firearms Press Release

For 2019, Traditions™ Performance Firearms has added to their popular Outfitter G2 lineup by adding the caliber of 300 AAC BLK as well as a patent-pending QD forend to several models.


The Outfitter G2 in 300 BLK is an excellent addition to a well-rounded lineup. The Outfitter G2 in 300 BLK has a 16.5” Lothar Walther Premium Grade Chromoly steel barrel so you can count on this rifle to be accurate. This rifle has low recoil and this makes it a great option for both adults and youth. A youth model is also available in the caliber of 300 BLK with a reduced length of pull.


The patent-pending Quick Detach Forend is available on several calibers including 300 BLK, 450 Bushmaster, 45/70, and 35 Whelen. The forend removes with the push of a button and allows the gun to be broken down quickly into 3 pieces. These pieces can easily be stored in a backpack or carrying case.


MSRP on the Outfitter G2 series ranges from $439 to $557 and several configurations are available including scoped models.


The Outfitter G2 line has many different offerings that you’ll want to see first hand!