Traditions™ Performance Firearms Press Release

Traditions™ Performance Firearms continues to expand their northwest series lineup for those in states like Oregon and Idaho that need to meet state-specific regulations by adding the Pursuit™ G4 LDR for 2019.


The Pursuit™ G4 LDR comes with a 30” barrel which increases accuracy and shooting distance thanks to the longer barrel. With a longer barrel there will be more burn time for the powder which translates to a more complete powder burn so the rifle can achieve increased velocity, better consistency, and improved downrange accuracy. The Pursuit™ G4 LDR has a musket ignition system, open breech, and open sights to meet state regulations.


This accurate, lightweight rifle will be a great addition to the Northwest series offerings and an advantage to those who hunt in those states! The Pursuit™ G4 LDR has an MSRP of $379.


Download Traditions Firearms Introduces New Bore Lights for 2017.pdf