Northwest Muzzleloader Sale!

Take advatange of these great prices during our Northwest Muzzleloader Sale! All of these muzzleloaders have a musket ignition system, open breech, and open sights to fit the state-specific regulations in Idaho and Oregon. These won't be here long so you won't want to miss out!

Vortek Ultralight LDR (30" Barrel) Northwest Magnum .50 cal Black/CeraKote R491140WA


$499.00 $339.99

Save $159 with this special price!   With the addition of the 30” barrel the Vortek™ Ultralight LDR gives you better accuracy at longer distances. With an exposed breech and sights, this gun is legal in Northwestern states like ...

Vortek StrikerFire® Northwest Magnum .50 cal Realtree Xtra/CeraKote R561146WA


$589.00 $399.99

Save $189 with this special offer!   Traditions™ has raised the bar with the Vortek StrikerFire®. This patent-pending rifle comes equipped with the StrikerFire system and a 28" Chromoly barrel. This rifle is specifically des ...

Vortek Ultralight Northwest Magnum .50 Cal Synthetic Blk R461140WA


$469.00 $319.99

Save $149 on this muzzleloader! Only 4 left!   Specifically designed for hunters in the Northwestern part of the United States, this gun is light, accurate, and legal! The Vortek™ Ultralight Northwest Magnum is equipped with an ...